We Provide services of real estate to help you make the right choice within your budget. Whether it is buying a new property or finding a potential buyer to selling your property at the best price, we are always there to provide you with the best solutions. Once a property is owned by the Customer, we extend our service to those who require post purchase services like Property maintenance, rent collection, pest control, attend to renter grievance, pay government utilities fees etc.


We get apple all year long, but do you Know apple is harvested only once a year,  later stored in cold storages, and supplied all year long, This is a short term Investment project where apple are purchased at orchids, harvested, stored In cold sorage and later sold to exporters. 

Mid-term Investment / Construction  Projects

In this Projects we closely work with Investors right from the beginning of the projerct. We identify land, organise architects, Contractors and supervise the whole construction process till handover.

Long term Investments

✓ 14% Average Income in first 10 Years
✓ 24% yearly Income after 10 Years
✓ High Value appreciation on Land Price
✓ No Currency Fluctuation risk
✓ Modern Project development
✓ 125,000 Ha area is planted with Walnut trees in the whole of Turkey
✓ Average productivity per tree is 24 Kg (after maturity)
✓ 36.4% of total consumption of Turkey comes by import