Yes. Foreigners have equal rights to open companies, just as nationals. Turkey welcomes foreign investments in various business fields.

The joint-stock company, the limited liability company, the collective and commandite companies, the cooperative or the branch are all options for a legal entity in Turkey.

A business can be incorporated in one week if all the documents are in order.


Yes. A registered office is necessary for a newly incorporated company in Turkey. This also applies for branches of foreign companies.

The business owner must draw up and submit the Articles of Association, notarize the company documents, deposit the minimum share capital and apply for registration at the Trade Registry Office.

The minimum share capital depends on the type of company. This amount is larger for joint stock companies than for limited liability companies: 50,000 TRY as opposed to 10,000 TRY.

The bank account is mandatory for the company because the share capital is deposited upon incorporation. Banks will generally request the registration certificate of the company and other documents attesting the identity of the founding members. Certain fees apply, as per the bank’s policy.

Yes. For example, import and export activities are regulated and business owners engaging in this activity based on certain permits obtained before starting the actual trading.

Similarly if you want to start Tourism you need to take license from Tursab

According to the latest issue of the Official Gazette, the corporate tax rate, which is currently applied as 20% in Turkey, will be increased to 25% for 2021 and 23% for 2022 for corporate incomes.

The new tax rate will be in effect starting from April 22, 2021. It will apply to the whole of 2021 since the tax is calculated based on cumulative periods. Corporate income tax declarations must be submitted as of July 1, and to be valid for the corporate earnings for the taxation period starting from January 1. 

Check the latest Tax update on below link 



A good location between two important markets, its own large domestic market, good economy, an open investment climate and god infrastructure are good reasons why investors should choose to open a company in Turkey.