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Why Türkiye

Türkiye is a country of great opportunity for those who wish to immigrate, invest in real estate or start a business. The country’s diverse culture, strategic location, and growing economy make it a prime destination for investors and immigrants alike.

When it comes to immigration, Türkiye offers a number of different options for foreign nationals. The government has made it easier for people to obtain long-term residence permits, and the country’s strong social safety net and world-class healthcare system make it an attractive place to live. Türkiye is also known for its welcoming environment for expats and its hospitality towards different cultures.

Tourism is a major industry in Türkiye, it’s home to numerous historical landmarks and natural beauty that attracts millions of visitors every year. Türkiye also offers a rich culture, delicious cuisine and many recreational activities such as skiing, swimming and trekking that appeals to a wide range of tourists.
Türkiye’s education system is also well developed, it has many universities with international accreditation that offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Many international students choose Türkiye as an education destination because of its affordable tuition fees, and quality education.

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Construction Projects

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Unlock the potential of Türkiye with Enayah Danışmanlık, We provide services in various sectors. Whether you are planning your family winter vacations or investment in property, unable to decide which university is good for your kid or simply want to set up your own restaurant, Our expert consultation services for business setup, real estate, education, and tourism will guide you every step of the way. we have it all. 



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Discover Türkiye through the eyes of Enayah Danışmanlık. Explore the beauty of Türkiye’s landscape, culture, and opportunities with our expert consultation services for business setup, real estate, education, and tourism. Let us show you the true potential of Türkiye as an investment destination with our professional guidance and support. Browse our gallery to get a glimpse of our services and experience the best of Türkiye.

Business Tour July 2021

Group of Investors from Bahrain  Visited  Turkiye for a Business & family Tour

Enayah Intro  Nov 2021

Formal Intorduction of Enayah Danishmanlik in Kingdom of Bahrain 

Project 3 Launch Seminar  September 2022

Project 3 Launch seminar in Kingdom of Bahrain September 24th  2022 

Seminar @ Mira road Mumbai India 

 Project 5  Launch seminar 29th October 2022 Mira road east, Mumbai, India 

Vyapar Utsav 2023 Kalaburagi 

Vyapar Utsav 12- 15 January  Central Mall Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) Karnataka India

Our Team

Meet the experts behind Enayah Danışmanlık. Our team of dedicated professionals has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed in Türkiye.

Mohammed Gayazullah

Director Investment 

For those serious in investment and Return of Investment, he is THE person. He is gifted with capability to grasp trends of market. Very busy with routine schedules but always available to suggest anyone when it comes to investing your hard earned money.

Aamir Baig

Director Tourism

Loves nature and pets. Excited to visit new places and experience local culture and cuisine. Responsiblities befits his taste.

Mohammed Abdul Salam 

Director Education 

Civil Engineer by Profession who prefer to remain Fit and healthy. Education has always been his passion. He has extensively studied the career options across Turkey and has vast knowledge of graduate and post graduate options in all reputed colleges and Universities in Turkey. 

Adil Ahmed Surve

Director Business Services

Very friendly and energetic. He loves to browse the market and find the investment gaps. A succesful trader & Entreprenuer himself, he is the person who you can count on his suggestion related to doing business in Turkey. 

Mohammed Shahabuddin Junaid

Managing Director

A Passionate Entrepreneur, who has ability to multi-task yet not loose his focus on Customer needs. Loves to take challenges with a smile. Lives in Istanbul and has learned Turkish enough to crack jokes with locals.

Latest News

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Why should I study in Türkiye…?

  1. QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2% schooling rate. Türkiye involved in European Higher Education Area[…]

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All about High school and LGS in Turkey

So hello everybody this blog is going to be based on the high school and LGS exam in turkey this blog is mostly for students that are interested to study[…]

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LIVING IN TURKEY An increasing number of people from various parts of the world are moving to Turkey to start a new life, to work, or even to find peace[…]

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Acquiring Property and Citizenship

ACQUIRING PROPERTY AND CITIZENSHIP Image Source Foreigners Looking to Acquire Real Estate in Turkey Need to KnowIn Turkey, acquisition of property ownership titles may only be approved upon registration at[…]

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